McDonald's Fries

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Image advertising:

"Best Fries on the Planet campaign is a multi-tiered, non-traditional consumer engagement plan designed to embrace and leverage a truly beloved and revered icon: McDonald’s Fries—a product that symbolises the best of quality in the industry and builds both the McDonald’s brand and its business (96% of fry sales don’t leave McDonald’s alone). From now until Dec. 8, 2011, the sky will be lit up by "Fry Lights" on Clark and Ontario streets to lead you to the golden arches, and will be viewable from up to three miles away."

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, USA

Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel / Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle / Executive Creative Director: John Montgomery / Creative Directors: Avery Gross, Brian Shembeda / Copywriter: Rene Delgado / Art Director: Alex Esseveld / Executive Producer: Denis Giroux / Producer: Samantha Howes