Netflix "For the Extroverts"

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This is a complete 360 campaign that highlights the Anti Racism movement and current Pandemic behaviour of the “Karens” out there who think America belongs to them. 

Project title: Netflix - For the Extroverts: Shortest show in the history of Netflix

Advertised Brand: NETFLIX

Advert title: For the Extroverts

In 2020, America is changing with two biggest situations - coronavirus pandemic and the Anti-Racism movement. 
The show features comedians who highlight the Do’s and the Don’ts for the extroverts and all the Karens out there, who think America just belongs to them.

Advertising Agency: Side Project, USA

Media: Film, digital and Outdoor print - 360 Campaign
Art Director: Mitesh Addhate
Copywriter: Mitesh Addhate

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