NZ Transport Agency presents "Belt up, live on"

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New Zealand authorities have recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of wearing seat belts. Ten survivors of serious accidents were cast in a picture that reconstructs their wounds at that time. The images are frightening, but the consequences would have been fatal to any of those involved if the subjects did not wear the seat belt.

"Belt up, live on"

more on the official website of the campaign.

According to the institution, 90 New Zealanders die annually in road accidents because they are not wearing seat belts. Numerous opinion polls revealed a preconception of men, that messages about the importance of the seat belt are not addressed to them, but would be intended for children or the elderly.

The seat belt can make the difference between life and death, this is also true even for passengers in the back seat. We would like to note and the fact that a passenger without a belt in the back seat can kill the driver or the passenger in front of it in case of an impact.



I'd be interested in seeing females; being large chested myself seatbelts do not feel comfortable.

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