ONPHA: behind the doors of affordable housing

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The Issue: Like many places, Ontario, Canada doesn't have enough affordable housing. So people on lower incomes have to struggle to pay rents that are sometimes 70 percent of their income. Buying basics like fresh food, medical care and transportation is next to impossible. But because housing is the home of all issues, if you fix it you make everything better.

The Approach: ONPHA (Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association) and Manifest Communications decided to team up and show people that amazing things happen behind the doors of affordable housing-literaIIy. These 16 colourful, interactive doors tell that story, then invite you to ring a real doorbell that wirelessiy registers your support on the housingopensdoorsca site.

Advertising Agency: Manifest Communications, Toronto, Canada

Creative Director: Jim Diorio / Art Director: Paul Bonsell / Copywriter: Matthew Donne / Illustrators / Installation: Paul Bonsell, Justin Cheung / Technology: Erin Lewis / Architecture consultation: Paula Bowley Architects