Renault "DisCO2unt Billboard"

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Video advertising:

Renault has recently implemented a failed advertising campaign for its electric model Zoe in the Romanian capital Bucharest, in which the selling price of the Stromer is linked to the air pollution in the city. If this increases, the price for the Zoe drops. 

The respective price is displayed on the basis of the current air pollution with a sensor in real time on a large digital billboard and customers can secure themselves online.

Client: Renault

Agency: Publicis Romania

Jörg Riommi – Chief Creative Officer Publicis Groupe Central & Eastern Europe and Publicis Romania
Dan Frînculescu – Executive Creative Director
Romulus Petcan – Group Creative Director
Gabriel Gherca – Group Creative Director
Constantin Bunica – Programmer
Sherin Arabo – Digital Art Director
Ana Bănică – Digital Account Director
Vlad Socianu – Motion Graphics
Lucian Gavril – Group Account Director
Cătălin Albu – Client Service Director
Miruna Baias – Planner
Camelia Efrimov – AV Production Director
Lawrence Jacomelli – Director

Jörg Riommi said: “First thing was to find the right place to put up the billboard, so we had lots of talks with media. We knew we needed to go with digital displays, but had to find the right mix. We considered using many smaller displays, but in the end decided against it. They didn’t give us the visibility we wanted. So, we chose the biggest one, in a high-traffic, high-emission area. Afterwards, we needed the algorithm to convert pollution data into discounts. We used in-house programming solutions, always working closely with the client –to define the interval of the price variation, for example. The whole system was linked with a mobile landing page (, where people could instantly claim the current price. So, there were a lot of moving parts involved.”