Schweppes​: "For those who think" by XXS Amsterdam

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For those who think sex on the beach is sex on the beach

For those who think savage sun is the end of the world

For those who think bloody mary is a horror movie​

For those who think 1783 breeze is a vintage fan

Advertising Agency: XXS Amsterdam, Schiphol, Netherlands

Creative Directors: John de Vries, René Verbong​ / Art Directors: Barend Stegeman, Wessel Beumer, John de Vries​
Copywriters: Barend Stegeman, Wessel Beumer, René Verbong​​  / Illustrator: Yau Hoong Tang​
Account Director: Max De Vries​ / Project Manager: Marthe Driest​
Strategy Director: Michael Van den Brande / Communications Planner: Saskia Wijsman
Producer: Robert Boom​

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