Scotch & Soda: "Whatever, Weather!"

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Creative Directors / Art Directors: Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart, Bas Manders
Photographer: Bart Oomes
Concept / Animation: Studio Ultradeluxe

Whatever, Weather.

The interactive wintercoat campaign for Scotch & Soda is live connected to the local weather. On digital outdoor billboards wintercoats are shown linked to the local weather in that area. For example; a raincoat is featured on a rainy day or a wind jacket is shown on a windy day in that area. The digital outdoor campaign was launched in Germany.

Also the ‘scrollytelling’ website is local weather based. Featuring wintercoats linked to the weather. The campaign is supported by social media animated gifs, newsletters and instore rolls, all featuring the wintercoat linked to the local weather. Whatever, Weather campaign is rolled out in every country of Scotch & Soda.