Tundra 2012 music festival

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Image advertising:

"I will get serious. I promise, techno"

"I'll be heard from afar. I promise, bass"

"We will fly. I promise, psy trance."

"You will rise. I promise, chill out."

"Tundra is a music festival with four large stages, where different music styles are played. Music affects brain common to religion – it gives joy, people fight (at least verbally) for their beloved styles, there are certain trends amongst the listeners of the specific style, even some rituals."

Advertising Agency: AD McCann Erickson Vilnius, Lithuania

Creative Director: Jonas Valatkevicius / Art Director: Ernesta Vala / Copywriter: Audrius Puidokas / Photographer: Inga Juodyte / Style: Milda Metlovaite / Hair: Mantas / Ispans / Make Up: Daria Eden Post / Production / Montage: Ernesta Vala, Karolis Zukas