Sid Lee Paris and Players for Society for World Blood Donor Day

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On World Blood Donor Day, we share news about a recent awareness campaign and operation Sid Lee Paris organized with football club RC Lens and the association Players for Society. To draw attention to a blood drive the team was hosting in its stadium and to the critical need for blood donations more generally, Sid Lee Paris worked with the club on a special operation during a recent match, changing the team's jerseys, logo, and motto to catch the attention of media and fans. Within minutes the press was talking and all the slots in the blood drive, where they ultimately collected 26% more than similar operations, were reserved. 

Sid Lee Paris Turn Blood into Gold in Donation Drive with Players for Society and RC Lens 

Earlier this year, France’s Etablissement Francais du Sang, which tracks blood donations, published some alarming statistics – after years of decreasing blood donation, they were 30,000 blood bags short of the 100,000 needed for the country’s reserve.  Year after year, blood donation in France has been decreasing, and, according to recent reports, over 500 more donations a day are needed in a country that needs 10,000 daily to treat patients. 

That’s why, this past season, the RC Lens football club decided to take action to raise awareness. 

Given their team motto, Sang et Or (Blood and Gold), it was destiny. With the help of Players for Society, the UNFP’s outreach program that helps football players committed to the common good, Sid Lee Paris created an operation for the team to organize a major blood drive in a unique location, the club’s home stadium. To promote the event, players were given special jerseys to wear during a key match against Nantes on April 30th.  

A jersey designed around a simple and impactful idea: since all the players have the letters A, B or O in their name, + and - were added to the jerseys to recreate the blood groups, while on the front, the club’s motto, “Sang et Or” was modified to “Notre Sang est Or”, "Our blood is gold" on the front of the shirt. The red on the coat of arms was also changed to gold, creating an eye-catching jersey and a tifo, specially produced for the match. The coat of arms made its way online as well, players and the club shared the new logo across social media to spread awareness and invite fans to the blood drive. 

The game ended with a phenomenal comeback by RC Lens to tie 2-2, but the most important game was played off the pitch. Within minutes, fans had booked up the reservations, with over hundreds of blood bags collected, a 26% increase compared to previous blood drives hosted in the city, and “notre sang est or” served as an example for clubs and donors all over the country. 

Sid Lee Credits:

CCO Europe : Sylvain Thirache  

President : Johan Delpuech
Creative Directors : Céline and Clément Mornet-Landa  

Art Director : Jessy Kikabou 

Art Director: Victoria Maldotti
Copywriter: Joachim Senteni  

Monteur : Yoann Plard  

Producer : Victor Grenu
Account Manager : Yoann Deminiac  

Account Executive : Loéane Le Berre 

UNFP Credits:
Director of the Cabinet of the UNFP Presidency and Co-founder of Players For Society : Jérôme Dumois
Director projects and activations : Paul Royer
Director, Partenerships and Events: Régis Garrault 

Players For Society Credits:
Director of the Cabinet of the UNFP Presidency and Co-founder of Players For Society: Jérôme Dumois
Director, Projects and Activations: Paul Royer
Director, Partnerships and Events: Régis Garrault 


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