ADAA "Beautiful, until you see the struggle"

Image advertising:

This is a Print campaign that highlights the importance of speaking out and sharing thoughts about our health with our family and/or friends. 

Project title: Beautiful, until you see the struggle

Advertised Brand: ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America)

Headline and copy: Beautiful, until you see the struggle

The Current COVID 19 Pandemic situation all around the world has led people to stay at home. Studies show that the number of people facing mental health illnesses like anxiety and depression will be on the increase. A lot of people behave and appear to be all beautiful and normal until they speak up about their mental health. This piece shares the same approach and highlights the true story behind the "beautiful”. 

A minimalistic and straight-to-the-point approach that gives a message about reality to the audience. And ask them to speak up and share their stories about their mental health. 

This will put a light on the mental health of numerous audience members and encourage them to reach out to friends and family to share their stories and take care of their mental health post-COVID 19. 

Advertising Agency: Side Project, USA
Media: Print Campaign
Art Director: Mitesh Addhate
Copywriter: Mitesh Addhate