Alzheimer Association of Israel: Merry Easter

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In the Season's Spirit, the Alzheimer Association of Israel decided to release a unique campaign – starring none other than Santa! Santa is probably one of the most senior elderly around. In fact, by our count he must be somewhere close to the age of 95… The problem is, that like many elderly of his age (the current Pope included) he may develop Alzheimer's disease*. …and if that happens you may expect a very different kind of holiday.

Advertising Agency: Zenith Optimedia Israel

CEO: Gabi Attal / Art Director: Liat Tzur / Copywriter: Gabi Attal

*According to the US Alzheimer Association, Alzheimer disease has reached epidemic proportions: 5 million American are currently living with Alzheimer That means that 1 in 9 older Americans have Alzheimer's disease And every 67 seconds someone new develops the disease.

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