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What you see only tells half the story.
Every time I've been close to a car bomb, there's something I always notice… Before the fire and the smoke, the sirens, shouting and the anger… there's this strange moment of stunned silence, where time seems to stand still. And then a second later, complete chaos erupts.
Lyse Doucet, Chief Middle East Correspondent

It isn't the way that a shuttle launch looks that's most amazing it's how it feels. I was in prime position 3 miles away to watch this great cathedral leave Earth. For the first 20 seconds, it was almost silent. And then it hit me - a thunderous rumble so strong it turned my insides to mush. It's a feeling you'd only ever know from living it.
David Shukman, Science Editor

When a hurricane's coming, you hear a lot of warnings. There's politicians on every radio and TV station, and the emergency services persuade you night and day to take caution. But nature has its own warning. It's the birds flapping and squawking in the sky like something from a Hitchcock film. Because when they leave, you know it's going to strike.
Laura Trevelyan, US Correspondent

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