BoConcept "Only They Can Take Your Throne" by Mass Digital

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During the week leading up to the grand finale of one of television's biggest hits, Game of Thrones, millions of people were wondering who would end up sitting on the Iron Throne.

Taking up a strong insight, Danish furniture brand BoConcept released a series of ads that reminded viewers there's a throne at home they've already lost to those with the fiercest claim.

Every dog owner knows that no matter who pays the bills or sets the rules of the house, once their pets decide on their favorite sitting spot, no one will be able to get them out.

Might as well go get a new chair to watch the final episode from.

Only They Can Take Your Throne

Advertising Agency: Mass Digital, Bogotá, Colombia

Creative Directors: David Patiño Mahecha, Nataly Díaz Suaza
Art Director: David Patiño Mahecha
Copywriter: Daniel Carreño León
Photographer: Epigrama
Additional credits: María Claudia Pico, Nicole Ascanio, Juan Sebastián Navarrete, María Carolina Velasco