Bosch freezer with NoFrost-Technology

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Advertising Agency: DDB, Berlin, Germany

Chief Creative Officer: Eric Schoeffler / Executive Creative Director: Bastian Meneses von Arnim / Creative Director: Daniel Bödeker / Copywriter: Daniel Bödeker, Mario Loncar / Art Director: Mario Loncar, Veit Möller / Photography: Szymon Plewa / Design: Michail Paderin / Art Buyer: Susanne Kreft / Account Managers: Britta Posner, Azade Toygar / Planner: Jonas Pöhlmann

"Frozen freezer departments waste a lot of energy and contribute to global warming. Or to put it straight: if you have icebergs in your fridge they are missing somewhere else. To dramatise this fact, we photographed frozen freezer compartments in a documentary style, to make them look like arctic landscapes. And pointed out that a Bosch freezer with NoFrost-Technology prevents the ice from building up in the first place."