Burger King "Burger King Home Delivery. Leave it to us."

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Burger King Home Delivery. Leave it to us.

The WHOPPER® is America’s favorite burger and there are people who just can't wait to enjoy it, literally. Or at least that’s what we figured out after seeing a huge number of car crashes at our restaurants every year. That's why we
decided to be cheeky and use these real pictures to promote the launch of Burger King's delivery service in the United States.

The campaign was launched nationwide and later it ran in others countries like Spain, Brazil, Germany and more in magazines and outdoor.

*None of these accidents resulted in injuries.

Client: Burger King

Advertising Agency: LOLA MullenLowe, Madrid, Spain

Global Chief Marketing Officer: Fernando Machado, Fernando Machado
Head of Global Brand Marketing: Marcelo Páscoa, Marcelo Páscoa
Chief Creative Officer: Chacho Puebla, Chacho Puebla
Executive Creative Director: Pancho Cassis, Pancho Cassis
Creative Director: Fred Bosch, Fred Bosch, Fabio Brigido, Fabio Brigido, Tomás Ostiglia, Tomás Ostiglia
Copywriter: Enrique Torguet, Enrique Torguet, Manuel Castillo, Manuel Castillo
Art Director: Manuel Castillo, Enrique Torguet
Account Director: Tom Elliston, Tom Elliston
Global Bussines Director: Tom Elliston
Account Manager: Ana Pozuelo, Ana Pozuelo
Account Executive: Adriana Gonzalez Cid, Adriana Gonzalez Cid
Senior Planner: Marcelle Santos, Marcelle Santos
Agency Producer: Felipe Calviño, Felipe Calviño, Diego Baltazar, Diego Baltazar
Head Of Communication: Sarah Okrent, Sarah Okrent