Ceylon Today "Don't Be Shelfish"

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Phoenix Ogilvy received a brief on the current situation of panic buying and put out a public interest campaign with Ceylon Today (Sri Lanka's leading newspaper publication).

Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy

Client: Ceylon Today

Campaign Title: Don't Be Shelfish

Description: In Sri Lanka, as in most parts of the world, the COVID-19 crisis has brought about indiscriminate panic buying.

Essentials and non-essentials are getting wiped off supermarket shelves to the point of absurdity, with little regard for the daily wage earners and the lower income strata of society who are finding it hard to cope with empty shelves.

This absurdity helped shape a strong public service campaign for responsible shopping - ‘Don’t Be Shelfish’.

Following are the credits:

Irvin  Weerackody

Sudesh S Moorthy
Chief Executive Officer

Rajiv R. Menon
Chief Executive Creative Officer

Rogger Kenneth Schales
Senior Art Director