Detran-RN : Danger zone

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Advertised brand: Detran-RN
Advert title(s): Danger zone 
Headline and copy text:
Excess speed is like this: when you least imagine, you face the danger.
The driver who exceeds the speed on the roads is like a prey that is about 
to be captured. Do not enter in the danger zone, be a conscious driver.

Media: Print
Advertising Agency: Executiva Propaganda, Natal, Brazil
Agency website:
Creative Director: Cortez Pereira
Art Director: Cortez Pereira
Copywriter: Maruza Araújo
Published: June, 2017

As it happens in Nature, we can become true preys in traffic. When we put our foot on the accelerator, we are subject to entering a danger zone, in which we are victims of our own attitudes and choices. To respect the speed limits is valuing life, as well other people’s lives who can be inside or outside the vehicle.