Dreft. Keep the shape

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"In the past, it used to be a classic turtleneck sweater. However, it started to elongate and it became a Striped Intercity Railway Track. It didn't take long before it became a Striped Transcontinental Railway Track. It's very useful for ladies travelling to seasonal sales, factories and even the army. But try to put the railway track on.
Dreft. Keep the shape.

On one sunny day, the blue blouse discovered that its length was growing. It became longer and longer. In a few days it became so long that it turned into the Blue Blouse River. Kids love swimming in it, having fun, fishing with their dads and sun-bathing on its banks with their mums. But it's hard to wear a river.
Dreft. Keep the shape.

Not so long ago, this was a beautiful dress. Its colours were so wonderful that it easily became the Truest Colourful Rainbow, of course after stretching enough to fill the sky. From that day on, a lot of painters have portrayed it and writers described its beauty. But how to dress up in a rainbow?
Dreft. Keep the shape. "

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Warsaw, Poland

Creative Director: Paweł Heinze / Art Director: Sylwia Rekawek
Copywriter: Justyna Nakielska / Illustrator: Magdalena Stadnik