Entourage "Give a helping hand with our app."

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Give a helping hand with our app.

The number of homeless people in France as dramatically increased during the last years (+58% since 2001), especially in major cities. In that context, the NGO Entourage has developed an app connecting caring people around the homeless to fight against the relational exclusion of those who have nothing. Because more than money homeless need help and consideration, people can help them with specific need they have -ex: writing CV or giving them toothpaste- thanks to that app. Not enough people use that app.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France

Executive Creative Directors: Faustin Claverie, Benjamin Marchal
Associate Creative Directors: Philippe Rachel, Carl Harborg
Photographer: Marc Gouby
Art Buying: Elise Kubler
Production: Nicolas Pollet Villard, Toolbox
Casting Director: Claire Linas
Retouch: Asile