Expresso Newspaper "To understand the world is to see the future" Expresso 2020

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Expresso is the Portuguese best newspaper. This campaign was created to attract attention to the challenges of the new decade. And because to ignore the present is to ignore the future, there are questions that must be asked and answers that need to be given. Through Expresso's reference journalism, readers will have content to think and anticipate a changing world.

What will have to change to save the planet?

Is democracy threatened by new leaders?

Is this the solution to protect the environment?

Is gender equality a matter of time?

How many millions will be forced out of their homes?

What conflicts are we going to have in the near times?

To understand the world is to see the future.

Advertising Agency: Moon, Lisbon, Portugal

Creative Director: Tiago Rebelo
Art Director: David Sereno
Copywriter: Ulisses Silva