Fire Road "Surprised Emojis" - "The road already has enough surprises"

Ad Agency
Image advertising:

Advertising Agency: Lobo, Medellín, Colombia

Client: Fire Road - Motorcycle Clothing

The road already has enough surprises

A pedestrian, another car, a fallen tree, a traffic signal, everything can become an unexpected obstacle when your attention is sidetracked from the road to answer your cell phone. That is the theme of the new Surprised Emojis ad campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about the danger of text and drive at the same time.

Ceo: Camilo Diaz
Dirección General Creativa: Jonathan Ramirez
Redacción: Luis Guillermo Jaramillo - Camilo Díaz
Dirección de arte: Jonathan Ramírez
3d: Tomas Sanchez