Ford Edge: Who you callin' tiny?

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Common sense has it that larger engines are more powerful.

That may have been true but only until the launching of the FORD EDGE's new "Eco-Boost" engine – which although smaller is as powerful as its predecessors.

But how do you get this message across to Israeli men - who predictably believe bigger is better - and explain to them that size doesn't matter?

Our idea in two words: Napoleon Bonaparte.

Under the message "Who you callin' tiny" we decided to draw a parallel between one of the smallest but undoubtedly most powerful and daring men that ever lived,
and the performance of the FORD EDGE Eco-Boost engine.

Israeli men now know. Tiny is powerful!

So who you callin' tiny?

Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Campaign Name: Napoleon

Brand: Ford Edge

Air Date: 11/11/2014

CEO: Yossi Lubaton // Executive Creative Director: Nadav Pressman

Creative Director: Eran Nir // Copywriter: Becky Malakov

Art Director: Ori Hasson // VP Group Account Head : Hagai Leeran

Supervisor: Alon Goldman // Account Executives: Ori Ben-Dror, Chen Halpern

VP Production: Dorit Gvili // VP Planning: Shai Nissenboim

Strategic Planner: Lora Goichman // Illustrator: Ido Hirshberg

Photoshop Artist: Yaniv Shahar // Traffic: Ronit Doanis

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