Generade "It's like running for 4 hours"

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The current fight against COVID-19 has allowed us to identify those people who are daily on the front lines, taking risks, and giving everything to take care of ourselves. We refer to medical personnel, the armed forces, and firefighters who make a great physical effort during their arduous days.

What many do not know is that beyond the great courage they show, the physical wear and tear that their work entails is equivalent to that of a professional athlete, such is the case of a firefighter who for 4 hours attending to an emergency, is like 5 hours of weights and 2,789 calories burned; or the case of a nurse covering a guard for 14 hours, which is equivalent to 4 hours running and 2,494 calories burned. 

For this reason, Generade, a hydrating drink from the ISM Group (Industrias San Miguel), seeks to bring them the hydration they require so that they can reach their goals through a collaborative appeal to all of society.

Advertising Agency: Mood, Peru

Client: Generade

Executive Creative Director: Alejandro «Lato» Latorre
Head Of Art: Jorge “Koki” Piscoya
Copywriter: Paulo Ballón
Retouche: Jolin Panta
Producer: Vatio
Producer Direction: Jacky Salhuana
Photographer: Luis Cáceres Álvarez