Honda Fit EV in California

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"The limited release of the 100% electric Fit EV in California called for something special. Not only because it boasts the highest EPA fuel efficiency rating at 118MPGe, but it’s Honda’s first foray into plug-in vehicles. So how could we show that this city-smart, technology-packed car is fun while being quite serious about energy conservation? We plugged it into the iconic H-mark and turned off a few lights to send those travelling one of the state’s busiest freeways a message: The race for ever-higher fuel efficiency is on. And Honda is leading the way."

Advertising Agency: RPA, USA

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli / Group Creative Director: Jason Sperling / Creative Director / Art Director: Jason Sperling / Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Damian Fraticelli / Sr. Art Director: Katie Carlile / Sr. Copywriter: Damian Fraticelli / via adsoftheworld