Hyundai- anteater dog & polar cow

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Don’t let them fool you, original is always better.

anteater dog. m. 
Animal of the suborder of placental mammals.
They are native from the Mexican southeast,
Central America and South America. They have a
very refined hearing and sense of smell,the latter
being its main sensory organ.

polar cow. m. y f.
Ruminant mammal of the Artiodactyla order,
from the bovine family (Bos pmnigenius). It is
most at home in the icy polar regions of the
Northern Hemisphere, where it may found
grazing. It is the only cow in the Arctic.

Advertising Agency: Jotabeque Grey, San Jose, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Ronny Villalobos
Creative Supervisor: Allan Jimenez
Art Directors: Yeundi Guido, Duncan Campbell
Copywriters: Allan Jimenez, Adriana Mesen
Illustrator: Yehudi Guido
Additional Credits: Felipe Aguilar