Kellogg's "Without Aussie farmers, there’s something missing from our iconic cereals"

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Kellogg’s shows their support for Australian farmers by altering their iconic packs. To demonstrate that without Aussie farmers there’s something missing from Kellogg’s cereals, this series of print ads shows packs that missing their essential ingredients, much to the dismay of their well-known characters. Running in publications across Australia from, the ads detail the important role Australian farmers have played in making Kellogg’s what it is today, for the best part of the last century.

Without Aussie farmers, there’s something missing from our iconic cereals.

We're proud to say that our Aussie-made cereals are created with 100% Aussie grains. Farmers all over Australia have provided us with high-quality wheat, corn, oats and rice, so that we can make our tasty cereals right here in Botany, NSW.
We've been buying Aussie grains since we first opened our factory doors over 90 years ago. And, even when droughts make crops scarce and prices increase, we will always do everything we can to buy locally and support Australian farmers.

Because without them Kellogg’s just isn’t Kellogg’s.


Advertising Agency: Wunderman Thompson, Sydney, Australia
Designer: Julian Batty, Jo Zoumboulis
Intergrated Producer: Emma Power
Print Producer: Miryana Velyanovski
Engagement Manager: Ellie Sutton
Strategist: Brona Kilkelly
Partner: Ana Lynch
Creative: Kat Thomas, Nick Doring
National Chief Creative Officer: Simon Langley