The Minds Foundation "INNER DEMONS"

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In 2018, WHO labeled India as one of the ‘most depressed nations.’ Among all cases of depression, the most treacherous are those of ‘masked’ or ‘smiling depression’. Such victims put up a perfect picture of happiness while concealing their feelings of anxiety, despair, fear, anger, fatigue, irritability and hopelessness. Patients suffering from 'smiling depression' are very prone to committing suicide and hence this form of depression is classified as extremely dangerous if not acted upon on time.

We decided to tackle the smiling depression problem with a 'Killer Smile'.

The concept of a SMILE that hides INNER DEMONS was created in formats of print ads and posters. The ads appeared in magazines and the posters were put up in schools, institutions, corporate offices and malls to spread awareness about the problem. We collaborated with Minds Foundation for this initiative that was designed to help people suffering from 'masked/smiling depression' to recognize the problem and realize that the condition can be treated. Hence, encouraging them to go a step further and act on it.

Advertising Agency: Makani Creatives, Mumbai, India
Art Director: Pratik Dhas
Copywriter: Dhaval Ramtirthkar
Illustrator: Alex Konahin
Retoucher: Pratik Dhas
National Creative Director: Anant Medepalli
Creative Directors: Sachin Padave, Dhaval Ramtirthkar