Mollie's Fund: "Some moles can kill." by Area 23

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Some moles can kill. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Learn how a simple self-exam can help you spot the signs. Go to

Cancer is a seemingly distant subject, but one that can strike anyone. Mollie's Fund is to draw attention to melanoma, a particularly aggressive form of skin cancer. The skin catches the eye, then the construction of the poster, leads to read the message of prevention. Explosives are made from "skin" on which a mole is found, accompanied by the signature "Some moles can kill". The simple realization, both from a graphic and editorial point of view, makes it possible to maintain the full impact desired by Mollie's Fund.

Advertising Agency: Area 23, New York, USA

Executive Creative Director: Tim Hawkey
Creative Director / Copywriter: Chris Bernesby
Creative Director / Art Director: Joe Capanear
Creative Directors: Jason Graff, David Adler
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Bruno Brasileiro
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Felipe Munhoz
Art Director: Joe Capanear
Illustrator: Zombie Studios
Retouching: Alexandre Manzano

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