Mortein: mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents

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Introduction: Due to ever increasing global heat, the modern environment has become a very cosy place for various types of pests to live.

Problem: Human life may fall into prey to mosquitoes’, cockroaches and rodents who have invaded your house. Because of this the serious health hazards such as dengue, malaria and rat faeces disease, has become the main cause for deaths that are increasing every year. But people don’t care about it that much.

Solution: Creating New Food Chain. For this we are using a well known food chain that people have learned from their childhood. And indulge this in to their mind and avoid this carelessness.

Art Director:Janaka Illangarathe
Copywriter:Janaka Illangarathne
Illustrator:Janaka Illangarathne, Iran Perera
Additional Credits:Saruli Muhandiramge