No Voice to Violence "Violence in Schools"

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When students share and like school fight videos in social media, they actually encourage more violence in doing so. This poster made that point very clearly at bus stops around schools.

Advertising Agency: Gatecrasher, Perth, Australia

Retoucher: Jade Foo
Account Director: Lisa Nixon
Copywriter: Hayley Kaptein
Senior Art Director: Henry Billington
Creative Director/Writer: Adam Barker
Creative Director: Lori Canalini

“This campaign encourages all of us to have an important conversation about violence and hopefully change attitudes and behaviors so fights are not liked or shared online.”

WA Council of State Schools Organisation President Kylie Catto said it was important for parents to speak with their children about how their actions when filming, sharing and even liking vision of violence between students can impact negatively on those involved.

“It’s a conversation we should all be having so young people are supported and encouraged to make positive choices when they are online,” Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery said.

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