PETA "Now you know how it feels"

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Over the past few months, people across the globe have had to face an unprecedented situation: confinement. After long and very complicated weeks, full of uncertainty, freedom gradually comes. However, this is not the end for animals that live in captivity and will never be free again.

The latest PETA advertising campaign in Mexico created together with the creative agency Archer Troy aims to give voice to this reality that millions of animals live. The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness and motivate people not to have animals in captivity.

Now you know how it feels. Let them be free.

Advertising Agency: Archer Troy, Mexico

Client: PETA

Vp Creative: Mike Arciniega
General Creative Director: Abraham Quintana, Carlos Fernandez Oxte
Art Director: Mauricio Sánchez "Micho"
Copy Director: Fabiola Salazar
Copywriter: Fabiola Salazar
Art: Mauricio Sánchez "Micho"
Account Director: Mariana Torrijos
Account: Samantha Ayala
Production: Martin Hernandez, Emmanuel García