Pride "Protect Our Trees, Protect Our Heritage"

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Meat and greasy food form a major part of Kenyan cuisine. The food is so good that even if you somehow forget the taste of it, the smell and grease on your plate will often be a gloomy reminder of the same, many days from your last meal.

Pride Dishwash Paste comes with a strong cleaning and grease-removal formula that is exactly made to fight this problem. Our execution of bone china plates morphing into different animals, just like a hunter’s trophy highlights the need for a strong dishwashing paste like Pride.

Protect Our Trees, Protect Our Heritage

Advertising Agency: Scanad, Nairobi, Kenya

Chief Creative Officer: Deepesh Jha
Creative Director: Deepesh Jha, Muhammad Shameem
Art Director: Muhammad Shameem
Copywriter: Deepesh Jha
Illustrator: Martin Mwangi
Photographer: Pixcaliba, Positive pictures
Additional Credits: Pixcaliba, Positive pictures

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