Rolling Stone Magazine "Great music is immortal"

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Rolling Stone is the magazine that has been living from music since 1967. Over its several editions worldwide, it has witnessed great names being born, becoming a phenomenal success and then dying.

However, for stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and John Lennon, who gave the world timeless songs, death will never be able to take them out of the covers and pages of Rolling Stone magazine.

So when we talk about the immortals of music, the cross doesn’t come after the star on the headstone in cemeteries and on the ads of our magazine.

Great music is immortal

Client: Rolling Stone Magazine

Advertising Agency: Ampfy, São Paulo, Brazil

CCO: Fred Siqueira
Ecd: Alexandre “nego Lee” Popoviski
CD: Will Ferrari Jr
Art Director: Fábio Massaru Fugii
Copywriter:Leonardo Correa