SBi "Armored Cars" by Propeg

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Behind a SBI armored car, a weapon is no longer a weapon. Check out this funny campaign of Propeg, that puts thieves into embarrassing situations.

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Salvador, Brazil

Cient: SBi Armored Cars /  SBI Blindagens  /

Ceo: Vitor Barros
CCO: Emerson Braga
Executive Creative Director: Fabiano Ribeiro
Creative Team: Emerson Braga, Alvaro Guimarães, Pedro Chequer, Rodrigo Bonfim
Account: Michele Estevez, Jessica Viana
Media: Patrícia Seabra
Production: Mariana Hosannah, Juliana Leonelli, Bruna Alonso
Planner: Melina romariz, Breno Carvalho
Photographer: Daryan Dornelles
Posproduction: Studio Nuts

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