Sea Shepherd "Indifference is the worst pandemic"

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The coronavirus pandemic has turned disposable masks and gloves into essential accessories when leaving home.

However, these two objects that provide us with so much security and limit possible contagions are also terribly destructive to the environment (when we do not dispose of them in a responsible manner).

In fact, some environmental organizations argue that there may soon be more masks than jellyfish in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. If masks and gloves are dumped without any regard to the environment, they end up in the sewer system and eventually reach the oceans.

The organization focused on the conservation of the oceans Sea Sepherd has launched a powerful advertising campaign that makes visible the consequences of the collateral damage of COVID-19.

Indifference is the worst pandemic

The covid-19 crisis has caused thousands of tons of non-recyclable gloves to fall into the ocean.

Advertising Agency: Wings the Agency, Caracas, Venezuela

CCO / Art Director: Demian Campos
Copywriter: Alana Vitrián
Photographer: Óscar Colina
Producer: Cruz Padrón