Vanish Crystal White "so white it vanishes"

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BETC/Havas creates activation to promote Vanish Crystal White

The brand's campaign is based on the clothes of characters known for wearing white.

In order to promote Vanish Crystal White, a Reckitt Banckiser product, BETC/Havas has created a special campaign that undeniably proves the product's efficacy in making "white even whiter."  To showcase the product, the agency used three characters who are readily recognized for the white of their outfits: a doctor, a chef, and a karateka.

The activation created for the indoor and print media ads – distributed at Vanish Crystal White points of sale – showed that, after having their clothes washed with the product, the characters become invisible over a white background.


Agency: BETC/Havas
Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Product: Vanish 
Títle: Vanish Crystal White

CCO: Erh Ray
ECD: Andrea Siqueira
Creative Directors: Laura Azevedo, Alexandre Kazuo, Lucas Ribeiro
Copywriter: Maria Fiuza
Art director: Lígia Fava
Brand & Business: Daniela Keller, Paula Basso, Juliana Ramos, Talita Lima
Channels & Engagement: Carlinha Gagliardi, Felippe Sobrinho, Andressa Lechugo, Edmilson Diniz, Sarah Campos
Production Director: Anna Luisa Ferraz
Production: Andrea Carmassi
Photography: Genga Estúdio

Graphic Production Director: Gilmar Souza
Graphic Production:  Carlos Valeriano, Marcos Nascimento, Marcio Brusaferro
Advertiser: Lucia Albuquerque