Volkswagen "Lime"

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This Volkswagen missed the boat again.

If you think there is a problem, you're wrong, The chrome strip on the glove compartment, interior design... Everything is OK. This time a completely perfect iconic model, down to the last detail!

But Kurt Kroner’s grandchildren have rejected it just the same way as 60 years ago. There are many hi-tech quality control processes in our factory to inspect Volkswagens at each stage of production, All parts are completely tested and scanned, But final inspection is really something the second time! Our inspectors run each car off the line onto the car test stand and say “no” to one Volkswagen,

But this time, they do not call it a “lemon”. As it is understood from the sour faces of our inspectors, it has a bitter taste.

Because this is the last ever Beetle. So this, and only this time, it is a “time”.

This historical title means this is the bitterest news in cat history. The “time” will never go on the road, meaning the legendary Volkswagen model lives on forever.

We have picked the lime, you can see it in our Volkswagen museum in Puebla forever.

Advertising Agency: Medina Turgul, İstanbul, Turkey

Executive Creative Director: Ertug Tugalan
Creative Director: Emre Altundağ
Creative Group Head: Burcu Günister
Copywriter: Emre Altundağ
Art Director: Burcu Günister
Account team: Zeynep Kızılcan, Fuat Cemiloğlu