Walmar for GinkoPrim "Never Forget"

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According to studies, 30 years is the age when our memory starts to fade away.

2019 is the year when the Czech Republic celebrates 30 years since the Velvet Revolution, which ended the rule of one of the most repressive communist regimes in Europe, bringing democracy to Czechoslovakia.

GinkoPrim, a supplement from Walmark that improves memory, wants to remind everyone how important it is to take good care with not forgetting the things that matter.

30 years is age when your memory starts to fade away.

Take good care that you don't forget about the things that matter.

Advertising Agency: VCCP, Prague, Czech Republic

Creative Director: Dejan Stajnberger
Art Director: Rade Saptovic
Copywriter: Markéta Kolodžejová
Account: Rosťa Novák
Production: Ruben Aram Ter-Akopow