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Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland TV / Film ads

Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland: The decision

Campaign by the Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland to get people to decide about organ...see more →

Sea Shepherd print ads
Sea Shepherd Print ads

Sea Shepherd: How far can we take it?

How far can we take it? Client: Sea Shepherd Advertising Agency: Heads, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...see more →

Hospital A.C.Camargo Cancer Center Ambient ads

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center - Superformula to Fight Cancer

The first step in the fight against cancer is believing in the cure. But the chemotherapy treatment...see more →

Autism Speaks TV / Film ads

Autism Speaks: increase the level of early detection

Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disorder in the United States.* Today, 1 in 88...see more →

AIDES TV / Film ads

AIDES: Man's IQ decreases as he gets undressed

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France Account managers: Anne Vincent, Véronique Fourniotakis,...see more →

Alzheimer Society TV / Film ads

Alzheimer Society: Walk for Memories

Take part in the Walk for Memories on May 26th. Advertising Agency: DentsuBos, Montreal, Canada...see more →

PETA TV / Film ads

PETA: the great ape pledge

URL: Advertising Agency: BBDO, NY, USA Chief Creative Officer: David...see more →

WWF Ambient ads

WWF: a soccer match in Brazil

Intervention developed for WWF and aired during the broadcast of a soccer match in Brazil....see more →

AMMAR Outdoor ads

AMMAR: We need a law to regulate our work

86% of sex workers are mothers. We need a law to regulate our work.AMMAR. Argentina’s Sex Workers’...see more →

Envol Vert Organisation ads
Envol Vert Organisation Print ads

Envol Vert Organisation: Rebuilding a forest isn’t that easy

Rebuilding a forest isn’t that easy. Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France Chief...see more →

Alserkal Avenue Ambient ads


Children with special needs struggle to communicate. The children at the Al Manzil School for...see more →

Free The Bears ads
Free The Bears Print ads

Free The Bears: the real picture

Advertising Agency: Cooch Creative, Perth, Australia Art Director: Aleisha Zappia / Creative...see more →

Assembleia Legislativa ads
Assembleia Legislativa Print ads

Assembleia Legislativa: Don’t let the junk food win

"Don’t let the junk food win. Or you’ll lose to yourself. Nutritional, orientation and medical...see more →

League against cancer Online ads

League Against Cancer: Cancer Tweets

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Bogota, Colombia Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel /...see more →

World Health Day ads
World Health Day Print ads

World Health Day: Your heart is whatever you let inside

Your heart is whatever you let inside. Advertising Agency: RAF Communicação, Natal, Brazil...see more →

Soleterre ads
Soleterre Print ads

Soleterre: A photographic journey

"The Right War. A photographic journey into the reality of childhood cancer in the world."...see more →

Samaritans Ambient ads

Samaritans: 18,750 people currently volunteering

Samaritans are the confidential,non-judgmental emotional support offered by email,letter,telephone...see more →

Norwegian Association of the Blind TV / Film ads

Norwegian Association of the Blind: guide dogs

A commercial for Norwegian association of the blind. Puts focus on admission for guide dogs....see more →

ONPHA Outdoor ads

ONPHA: behind the doors of affordable housing

The Issue: Like many places, Ontario, Canada doesn't have enough affordable housing. So people on...see more →

Red Cross ads
Red Cross Print ads

Red Cross: Sergio de Almeida and Mariana Siqueira

"This is how Sergio de Almeida congratulated us. This is how Mariana Siqueira congratulated us."...see more →

Amnesty International Ambient ads

Amnesty International: Write for Rights

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Montréal, Canada Creative Directors: Antoine Bécotte, Christian...see more →

Red Cross TV / Film ads

Brazilian Red Cross: Artists Crowdsourcing

Advertising Agency: Ageisobar, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Carlos Domingos / Art Director...see more →

MS Society ads
MS Society Print ads

MS Society: turns your body against itself

Multiple Sclerosis turns your body against itself. Advertising Agency: Immersion Creative,...see more →

UNICEF TV / Film ads

Unicef: message using #nonamematch

The Situation: Paraguay has a high number of children under 1 year old without birth certificate....see more →

Unicef ads
UNICEF Print ads

Unicef: Every child has the right to play

Let's turn tables.Every child has the right to play. Client: UNICEF Advertising Agency: Ogilvy...see more →

Don't Drive Drunk Foundation
Don't Drive Drunk Foundation Print ads

Don't Drive Drunk Foundation: Champagne, Beer and other things

Client: Don't Drive Drunk Foundation Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Thailand see more →

Amnesty International Online ads

Amnesty International: No Means No

An Amnesty International campaign to change Norwegian law. Advertising Agency: TRY/Apt, Oslo,...see more →

Mira Guide Dog Association ads
MIRA Foundation Print ads

MIRA Foundation: Guide dogs are vital for the blind

Guide dogs are vital for the blind. Donate at Client: MIRA Foundation - Guide Dog...see more →

Greenpeace ads
Greenpeace Direct Marketing ads

Greenpeace: John West Tuna cans

"The problem: John West Australia sells 97 million cans of tuna every year, but because of their...see more →

Amnesty International ads
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: Every time there is torture

Every time there is torture, we go back 200 years. Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam,...see more →

PETA TV / Film ads

PETA: Do It Like They Do

Going vegan helps your body function better - including between the sheets. Advertising Agency:...see more →

Dinisa print ads
Dinisa Print ads

Dinisa: No text is worth the risk

"No text is worth the risk. Don't text and drive." Advertising Agency: PS10, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...see more →

Doctors Without Borders TV / Film ads

Doctors Without Borders: AnnSophie and Jonas

Client: Doctors Without Borders Advertising Agency: Kommunikationsbureauet København, Copenhagen,...see more →

Come4 TV / Film ads

Come4: help Asta change

Join and help Asta change the way we view sex. A campaign by BEING France. Advertising...see more →

King Khalid Foundation ads
King Khalid Foundation Print ads

King Khalid Foundation: Fighting women's abuse together

Some things can't be covered. Fighting women's abuse together. Client: King Khalid Foundation...see more →

IFAW print ads
IFAW Print ads

IFAW: Don't poach

Don't poach. Shoot the beauty. Client: IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare Advertising...see more →

Parents Of Road Victims
Parents Of Road Victims Print ads

Parents Of Road Victims: Road safety message

Client: Parents Of Road Victims Don't text and dieRoad safety message from Parents Of Road Victims...see more →

Onda Azul print ads
Onda Azul Print ads

Onda Azul: Algae, Mollusk, Sea Serpent

Client: Onda Azul Advertising Agency: Quê Comunicação, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Creative Director:...see more →

UNICEF Online ads

Unicef: for children in Chad

Client: Unicef Advertising Agency: 180heartbeats+Jung von Matt, Warsaw, Poland Creative Director:...see more →

Light for Life ads
Light for Life Print ads

Light for Life: You can't turn a blind eye

Put this idea on your head. You can't turn a blind eye. Signaling light for helmets. This idea can...see more →