Leo Burnett and Shorashim present: "Freezing Apes"

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Leo Burnett Israel and Shorashim Group present: "Freezing Apes"

If you’ve been reading industry news then you will be familiar with the monkeys NFT craze. The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, a jungle of monkeys that cost tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes even hundreds!

And while people are pouring millions of dollars on monkeys, there are thousands of senior citizens sitting at home in the cold because they simply don’t have the money to pay for their electricity bill!

So the Shorashim Group (a nonprofit organization devoted to building long-lasting bridges between Israeli and North American Jews) launched the project:
“Freezing Apes” - a series of paintings of monkey that can be "bought".

While these paintings are not exactly NFTs and will not make their buyers a 300 percent return per week, they will generate one big return per soul, as all the money will be donated and put forward to paying Israeli elderly people’s electricity bills. And the monkeys? Download whichever one you like on our website.

Agency: Leo Burnett Israel

CEO: Imi Eiron

Client: Shorashim Group

Creative VP Leo Burnett Israel: Ami Alush

Creative Director: Oren Ben Naim

Copywriter: Achiya Darshan

Art Director: Yael Yaakov

Art Director: Nitzan Amir

Studio Manager: Sagi Valenstain

Studio: Elad Ziv, Yossi Amit, Sharon Aluk, Lior Shmueli

Account Supervisor: Ziv Abuhasira

Account Executive: Bella Batikyan

Media Manager: Asaf Mamon

Marcom Director: Eva Hasson

Production Company: GREENproductions

Agency Producer: Menny Zarhia

Traffic: Danielle Barzilay

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