Short Shot Fest "Life's too short"

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Sarah had already stopped trying to work out how long she had been in total darkness. She no longer had
the strength to call for help, shout, or pound the walls with her fists. It was so cramped that she could barely move at all. The only thing she could do now was listen to te that strange voice from the outside repeating the word,


An ad print campaign for Moscow international short film festival Short Shot Fest. Especially for this, Jekyll&Hyde agency wrote some short and unexpectable stories in mini-saga style and after made them look like screenplays.

Advertising Agency: Jekyll&Hyde, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Client: Short Shot Fest

Creative Director: Mikhail Rakov
Art Director: Anton Rusanov
Copywriter: Mikhail Rakov
Account Manager: Elena Palamarchuk
Account Manager: Semen Kudryashev