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Spotify and its Paris-based advertising agency Marcel launch their first TV brand campaign in France, with the slogan "Écouter, ça change tout" ("Listening is everything").

The company intended to offer a new spin to its distinctive "Écouter, ça change tout" (French version of the global Listening is Everything) with this short, emphasizing the importance of listening with a capital E in people's lives.
Listening to music, but also to others and to our surroundings. Marcel has made a film that highlights the unifying power of music to that aim.

True stories inspired this film, directed by Vincent Lobelle (Iconoclast).
These teachers, who listen to and are inspired by their pupils' lives, what they are enthusiastic about, and what fills their days now, in order to make a link, appropriate their codes, and therefore better interest them.
Obviously, through music and sound that one can imagine being heard more by a group of high school students, and rap enthusiasts, than by a middle-aged French instructor, no matter how hip he is.

Marcel's new Spotify film "Écouter, ça change tout" ("Listening is everything") will premiere on TV and digital on September 22, 2022, in 20 and 30-second formats.

Antoine Monin: Managing Director France and Benelux
Marie Ybert: Senior Marketing Manager

Co-CEO: Pascal Nessim & Charles Georges-Picot
Chief Creative Officers: Gaëtan du Peloux, Youri Guerassimov
Creative Director: Clément Sechet
Art Director: Theophile Robaglia
Copywriter: Joseph Rozier
Co-Head of Strategic Planning: Léoda Esteve 
Strategic Planner: Ruben Hassan
Associate Director: Thomas Bacharzyna
Business Director: Lucile Wissocq
Account Executive: Léa Reix
Project Manager: Emma Durand
TV Producer: Aurélien Lemesle

Director: Vincent Lobelle 
Producers: JP Gavini & Domitille Laurens 
Executive Producer: David Van Berg 
Production Director: Vincent Veve 
Editing: Philippe Roch 
Color Grading: Vincent Amor
Production Finalization: Pierre-Edouard Joubert
DOP: Marco Graziapiana 
Post Production: POSTER 
Sound Production: Prodigious

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