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Harrods TV / Film ads

Harrods Presents: The Land of Make Believe - A Little Christmas Tail

Discover the animated story of magical mice Peter Pumpernickel and pals, who arrive at Harrods to...see more →

Land Rover TV / Film ads

Land Rover - Above and Beyond

'Above and Beyond' is an expression of the detail, precision, future technology, and craftsmanship...see more →

Philips print
Philips Print ads

Philips: Quick &Quiet. Philips Viva Collection Chopper with 4 knife.

Quick &Quiet. Philips Viva Collection Chopper with 4 knife. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&...see more →

KFC print ads
KFC Print ads

KFC: Others' taste sweet beside it.

Others' taste sweet beside it. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey...see more →

Sky TV / Film ads

SKY: Step into the adventure

Step into the adventure with Sky Movies this Christmas! Our most exciting Christmas promo ever...see more →

Head & Shoulders TV / Film ads

Head & Shoulders: Ridiculous stuff!

Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, Amsterdam, Netherlands Creative Directors:Maarten...see more →

Mercedes Online ads

Mercedes-Benz „The Decision Pilot“

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany Managing Director:Stefan Mohr, Fabian...see more →

Netflix Print ads

Netflix: Where you want

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt / Spree, Germany Executive Creative Director: Till Eckel / ...see more →

PLDT TV / Film ads

PLDT: What's your worst fear as a businessman?

What's your worst fear as a businessman? Have you ever thought about what could happen if you’ve...see more →

Sony Online ads

Go The Distance featuring the Brownlee Brothers - Day 2

The second #GoTheDistance film is here. After an exhausting day 1, how will the Brownlee Brothers...see more →

Carlsberg Elephant Beer
Carlsberg Print ads

Carlsberg Elephant Beer 10.5% vol.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany Creative Director:Tobias Holland Art Director:...see more →

Language Corner ad
Language Corner Outdoor ads

Language Corner: make your english clearer

Creative Director:Kerry Dwi Karisma Art Director:Risdi Anto, Astri Primasari, Kerry Dwi Karisma...see more →

Tefal Non-stick pans ad
Tefal Print ads

Tefal non-stick pans don't leave room for anything to stick around

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany Creative Director:Nathan Dills Art Director:...see more →

Whole Foods Market TV / Film ads

Whole Foods Market: Produce & Seafood & Beef

Advertising Agency:Partners&Spade, New York, USA Creative Director:Anthony Sperduti / Managing...see more →

Guinness Online ads

Guinness: life and passion

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK Producer: Nick Godden / Creative Director: Dave Buchannan...see more →

Waitrose TV / Film ads

Waitrose Christmas Advert 2014 The Gingerbread Stall

Everyone who works at Waitrose owns Waitrose. When you own something, you care just that little bit...see more →

McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's 100% Real

Advertising Agency: TBWA\ANG, Malta Creative Director: Richard Agius Strategic Planner: Mauro...see more →

GEICO TV / Film ads

GEICO: Genies - Did You Know

Client: GEICO Auto insurance Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA Chief Creative Officer: Joe...see more →

Goodyear TV / Film ads

Goodyear: It's funny. Unless you drive

"It's funny. Unless you drive" Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Moscow, Russia Executive Creative...see more →

Lidl TV / Film ads

Lidl: Xmas to the people of...

Advertising agency: TBWA\London, UK Creative Director: Paul Weinberger / Copywriter: Tom Gong Art...see more →

WWF print
WWF Direct Marketing ads

WWF: Choose public transport. Save the planet

If removed, voids the warranty of a better world. Choose public transport. Save the planet. Art...see more →

Target TV / Film ads

Target: One for One for All

Target and Toms have teamed up on a limited-edition collection...see more →

Listerine TV / Film ads

Listerine: Say no to 25%

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK TV Producer: Romila Sanassy / Assistant TV Producer: ...see more →

Carl's Jr. TV / Film ads

Carl's Jr.: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Everyone loves fresh baked buns, even Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force...see more →

Woolworths TV / Film ads

Woolworths: Super Animals

Says Tony Phillips, chief marketing officer, Woolworths: "The campaign captures the very essence of...see more →

Triumph International
Triumph International Print ads

Triumph International: White, Black, Red

Agency:Springer & Jacoby Austria, Vienna, Austria Creative Director:Paul Holcmann, Axel Thomson...see more →

Lego Outdoor ads

Lego: Fiction Meets Fiction

Product: Lego Art Director: Alexandre Tissier see more →

Jaguar ads
Jaguar Print ads

Jaguar: Devour the road. The 550hp F-TYPE R Coupe.

Devour the road. The 550hp F-TYPE R Coupe. Advertising Agency: Y&R Toronto, Canada Executive...see more →

Cia Athletica
Cia Athletica Print ads

Cia Athletica: Take care of your greatest asset.

Take care of your greatest asset. Advertising Agency: Agência casasanto, Belo Horizonte, Brazil...see more →

Cartoon Network TV / Film ads

Cartoon Network "Over the Garden Wall"

Cartoon Network asked Bent Director Solomon Burbridge to create animated bookends that promote...see more →

Motorola TV / Film ads

Motorola: The Fall with James Franco

Watch James Franco own the moment with a phone so fast, it makes everything else seem slow. See the...see more →

IKEA Outdoor ads

IKEA: Early Christmas Sale

Early Christmas Sale Advertising Agency: TBWA, Lisbon, Portugal Creative Director: Leandro Alvarez...see more →

Ford TV / Film ads

The All-New Ford Mondeo

The All-new Ford Mondeo stars in our latest TV ad created and directed by The Fast and the Furious...see more →

Coca-Cola ads
Coca-Cola Print ads

Coca-Cola: Welcome to the scariest day of the year.

Welcome to the scariest day of the year. Advertising Agency: McCann/MRM, Germany Creative...see more →

Salvation Army print ad
Salvation Army Print ads

Salvation Army: Inequality has two sides.

Inequality has two sides. Advertising Agency: WMcCann, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Milton...see more →

Starbucks print ad
Starbucks Print ads

Starbucks: So irresistable.

So irresistable. Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic...see more →

J Shoes Advertisements
J Shoes Print ads

J Shoes: Be in character

Be in character Client: J Shoes Advertising Agency: 18 Feet & Rising, London, UK Creative...see more →

BMW Park Assist
BMW Print ads

BMW: Park where you couldn't park before

Park where you couldn't park before. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mexico Chief Creative Officer: ...see more →

Kroger Radio ads

Kroger: Scooter & Poodle

Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada Chief Creative Officer:Patrick Scissons / Copywriters:...see more →

Kroger Print ads

Kroger: One of then isn't welcome at Kroger

One of then isn't welcome at Kroger. Guess which one. Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada...see more →