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Audi TV / Film ads

Audi TTS TV Commercial "Leap of Faith"

It takes guts to buy a car whose only practical purpose is the sheer joy of driving it. But as Audi...see more →

The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving Print ads

The Art of Shaving: Happy Father's Day

Give a gift he'll love, no, really love. Happy Father's Day. Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York,...see more →

Nike TV / Film ads

Nike: Together - LeBron James

This time it's bigger than basketball. Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA see more →

Honda Online ads

Honda 'The Other Side' - Trailer

Everyone has another side. Find out more at #TypeR Advertising...see more →

Sony Xperia
Sony Print ads

Sony Xperia: Take scary good selfies

Product: Sony Xperia Advertising Agency: Fitzco, Atlanta, USA Creative Directors: Ryan Boblett, ...see more →

Ford Ambient ads

Ford Explorer: Magazine

Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel CEO: Yossi Lubaton Executive Creative...see more →

McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's for Happy Halloween

Advertising Agency: DDB, Finland Creative Director: Lauri Vassinen Art Director: Lauri Vassinen...see more →

Sprite Online ads

Sprite Presents: LeBron James' First Home Game

Advertising Agency: Translation, New York, USA LeBron James’ first home court game appearance won’t...see more →

Alifresh oral spray
Alifresh Print ads

Alifresh - Leave no evidence

Client: Alifresh oral spray Advertising Agency: GC Herrera, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director: Byron...see more →

Amnesty International Online ads

Amnesty International: Help the victims of torture

Help the victims of torture and abuse to be heard. Sign the petition at http://soundsfromtorture....see more →

13th Street
13th Street Print ads

13th Street: Don't just watch, investigate.

Don't just watch, investigate. Client: 13th Street Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency...see more →

Netflix Outdoor ads

Netflix: reactive GIFs Campaign

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris, France Executive Creative Director: Baptiste Clinet / Creative...see more →

Penguin Audiobooks print
Penguin Print ads

Penguin Audiobooks: Franz Kafka Collection

Client: Penguin Audiobooks Advertising School:Brother Ad School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic...see more →

Foot Locker TV / Film ads

Foot Locker - "The Process"

John Wall is launching his adidas J Wall 1 signature shoe, exclusively at Foot Locker. It’s a huge...see more →

Gillette Online ads

Gillette Mach3: The Precision To Do Things

Advertising Agency: Grey Brasil, Brazil Creative Directors: Daniel Perez, Federico Russi Art...see more →

Pictionary print ads
Pictionary Print ads

Pictionary: Win with your drawings.

Win with your drawings. Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic...see more →

Pepe Jeans TV / Film ads

Pepe Jeans: Authentic Vintage Boot Care Kit

Maintain the original distressed aspect of your Icon Boot with its Authentic Vintage Boot Care Kit...see more →

Bridgestone TV / Film ads

Bridgestone: Engineered with your safety in mind

Bridgestone. Engineered with your safety in mind. Because there’s only one part of your car’s...see more →

KFC ads
KFC Online ads

KFC sends a weekly newsletter

KFC Romania sends a weekly newsletter with new offers and products, and was looking for a way to...see more →

13th Street
13th Street Print ads

13th Street:Turning primetime into crimetime.

Turning primetime into crimetime. Client: 13th Street Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe,...see more →

Amnesty International
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: stop violence against women

Help us stop Female Genital Mutilation, stop violence against women. Support our...see more →

Dodge TV / Film ads

Dodge: two brothers

A car company started by two brothers is going to be built on healthy competition. In this video we...see more →

Philips TV / Film ads

Philips: The Silent Couple

Agency: Ogilvy Production House : Cutawayy Films Pvt. Ltd. //Producer: Gaurrav Dhar / Monica...see more →

KFC TV / Film ads

KFC: The new Colonel's Brownie Bucket

Featured product: Colonel's Brownie Bucket Advertising Agency: BBH London, UK Creative Director: ...see more →

TAM Airlines Ambient ads

TAM Airlines: Historic Luggage

Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Brazil Creative Directors: Paulo Sanna, Adriano Abdalla / ...see more →

Leroy Merlin "Any colour you think of."
Leroy Merlin Outdoor ads

Leroy Merlin "Any colour you think of."

Any colour you think of. Client: Leroy Merlin Advertising Agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy Executive...see more →

Kit Kat Online ads

Kit Kat: GHAB Campaign video

KITKAT, together with JWT Amsterdam launch the first ever nationwide break for...see more →

Honda Online ads


Advertising Agency: McCann, Tel Aviv, Israel Chief Creative officer: Ami Alush Art Director: Hagar...see more →

Heineken Print ads

Heineken: Face the consequences or drink responsibly.

Face the consequences or drink responsibly. Client: Heineken Advertising Agency:...see more →

MINI print
Mini Print ads

Mini is its own soundtrack

While others play playlists the Mini is its own soundtrack. Advertising Agency:...see more →

Fender Online ads

Fender Penny Presser

The Fender Penny Presser transforms useless pennies into useful instruments while...see more →

ComEd Online ads

ComEd: Recycle your old fridge

Watch as Chicago thespians Rebecca Spence, Josh Bywater, and Renee Matthews discover that happiness...see more →

Mercedes TV / Film ads

Mercedes-Benz: Fantastic Journey

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany Production Company: element e filmproduktion / ...see more →

Lucido-L print
Lucido-L Print ads

Lucido-L: For your stylish hair

For your stylish hair. Advertising Agency: Matari Advertising, Jakarta, Indonesia Creative...see more →

Irish Rail TV / Film ads

Irish Rail - Relaxed Fares

Based on watching two men on the train fall asleep in front of each other, when we were asked to...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda CR-V Touring: Made for All of Life's Adventures

The fun and versatile all-new Honda CR-V Touring is made to go wherever your next journey takes you...see more →

Volkswagen print
Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen: The simpler way to prevent the breast cancer

Advertising Agency: Verbal Communication, Curitiba, Brazil Creative Director: Cláudio Erwin Art...see more →

Bupa TV / Film ads

Bupa Tooth Fairy Film

Ever wondered what happens to your tooth when the Tooth Fairy arrives?  Follow her magical...see more →

Smart TV / Film ads

Smart: It Can Fit In Everywhere

Advertising Agency: BBDO Group, Istanbul, Turkey Creative Director: Derya Tambay / Art Director:...see more →

Oxo TV / Film ads

Oxo: The Magic Touch

Advertising Agency: JWT London, UK Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey / Creative Director...see more →