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Renault Twingo
Renault Print ads

New Renault Twingo Go anywhere, Go everywhere

Go anywhere, Go everywhere Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France Chief Creative...see more →

Penguin Online ads

Penguin Audiobooks: Book Trailers

Books are promoted awfully and movie trailers are awesome. This is unfair since all good movies are...see more →

Reebok Online ads

#ReebokHDS is Coming to New York City

Reebok is running shoes to you, New York City. Stay tuned to the hashtag #ReebokHDS on Twitter this...see more →

Sky TV / Film ads

SKY: appease the wee fee

Advertising Agency: WCRS, UK Creative Director: Barry Skolnick / Executive...see more →

Sanorin ads
Sanorin Print ads

Sanorin: A cold ruins all the beauty

A cold ruins all the beauty. Advertising Agency: Anybodyhome, Moscow, Russia Creative Director:...see more →

Adidas TV / Film ads

adidas Originals called #thisisme

In China, the idea of its citizens freely expressing themselves is not something that is openly...see more →

LG print ads
LG Print ads

LG: Like a boss

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Amman, Jordan Creative Director: Shireen Nababteh / ...see more →

Mazda 6
Mazda Print ads

Mazda 6 with the RVM system

Mazda 6 with the RVM system. Detects hidden dangers in your blind spot. Advertising Agency: BBR...see more →

Guinness ads
Guinness Outdoor ads

Guinness: Black is not a colour

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK Creative Director: Mike Schalit / Copywriter: Mike...see more →

Snickers TV / Film ads

Snickers: Johnny Football

Johnny Football is not himself when he is hungry. You're Not You When You're Hungry®. SNICKERS®...see more →

LG print ads
LG Print ads

LG: For those who are picky when it comes to colors

LG with direct drive motor. For those who are picky when it comes to colors. Advertising Agency: Y...see more →

Scrabble print ads
Scrabble Print ads

Scrabble: The power of words. Scrabble

The power of words. Advertising Agency: Twiga, Kiev, Ukraine Creative Director: Slavik Fokin / Art...see more →

Land Rover print ads
Land Rover Print ads

Land Rover: Above and Beyond Africa

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Cape Town, South Africa Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang / ...see more →

Panasonic Body shaver
Panasonic Outdoor ads

Panasonic: Printed images for optical illusion

Advertising Agency: Creators Group Mac, Tokyo, Japan Creative Director:Yoshio Kameyama / Art...see more →

Foot Locker Ambient ads

Triple Black Collection by Foot Locker

We gave some Foot Locker fans the chance to get their hands on the new Triple Black Collection. All...see more →

Peugeot print
Peugeot Print ads

Peugeot: Now with 12,000L cargo capacity

It feels bigger because it is bigger. Now with 12,000L cargo capacity. Advertising Agency...see more →

Nike TV / Film ads

Foot Locker x Nike - Be The Baddest

Go get a ball. Find a hoop. I'll be waiting. Be the #THEBADD35T Advertising Agency: Wieden +...see more →

Greenpeace Online ads

Greenpeace: all enjoy a greener offline

Let's face it, you've been clicking dirty. But that can change. Join us, and ask Internet companies...see more →

PUMA print
PUMA Print ads

PUMA: Forever Faster

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA Head of Art and Design: Aaron Padin / Design Director:...see more →

Mini TV / Film ads

MINI: A Passenger’s Guide to the New MINI Countryman

1. The front seat. A coveted spot second only to the driver’s. Don’t overstep your bounds and you...see more →

Cia Athletica
Cia Athletica Print ads

Cia Athletica's cross fit program

Without conditioning you become an easy prey. Join the eagle. Cia Athletica's cross fit program....see more →

Reebok Ambient ads

Reebok: True passion lasts a lifetime.

True passion lasts a lifetime. At Reebok, we live and breathe fitness. It's not just a diet, a...see more →

Volkswagen Online ads

Volkswagen: The Lovemark Campaign

Advertising Agency: Likeable Istanbul, Turkey Operations Director: Dilay Coban  Creative...see more →

Lufthansa TV / Film ads

Lufthansa - An Indian heart?

Lufthansa is more Indian than you think! Advertising Agency: MRM/McCann India / Kolle Rebbe,...see more →

Doritos TV / Film ads

Doritos: Doritos Bits. Small but big in taste

Doritos Bits. Small but big in taste Advertising Agency: Fitzroy, Amsterdam, Netherlands see more →

Lidl Online ads

Lidl Fan Cup / Play online. Shoot offline.

Play online - shoot offline and feel the excitement of a real, live soccer tournament. The entirely...see more →

Levi's Online ads

Levi's: A billion jeans. One of a kind stories.

A billion jeans. One of a kind stories.  This is how the world lives in Levi’s. Explore the stories...see more →

Vodafone TV / Film ads

Vodafone Home: Bounce

Vodafone is more than just mobile and with the launch of our new unlimited fibre broadband and...see more →

Duracell ads
Duracell Print ads

Duracell: Lasts up to 10 times longer.

Lasts up to 10 times longer. Advertising Agency: Grey, Istanbul, Turkey Creative...see more →

Peugeot 308 ads
Peugeot Print ads

Peugeot 308 with Distance Alert. Much more precision.

Peugeot 308 with Distance Alert. Much more precision. Advertising Agency: Y&R...see more →

Smart print ads
Smart Print ads

Smart: buildings and elephants

Advertising Agency: The Komp, San Juan, Puerto Rico Creative Director / Art...see more →

Amnesty International
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: Sign his way to freedom

"Dhondup Wangcchen. Jailed for making documentary films. Sign his way to freedom. Calixto Ramon...see more →

The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving Print ads

The Art of Shaving: If it has a hair, I will groom it.

If it has a hair, I will groom it. The Art of Shaving now for body. Advertising Agency: BBDO New...see more →

SAAQ TV / Film ads

Societe de l'assurance automobile du Quebec - Cable

Client: Societe de l'assurance automobile du Quebec Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec City, Canada...see more →

PUMA TV / Film ads

PUMA: Calling All Troublemakers

PUMA’s mission is to be the fastest sports brand in the world. Through our endless...see more →

AirBnB Print ads

Airbnb: look past the landmarks

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA Art Director:Mike Butler // Copywriter:...see more →

Amnesty International TV / Film ads

Amnesty International - Report Without Fear

How can responsible citizens denounce human rights abuse committed by government institutions when...see more →

Harley Davidson
Harley-Davidson Print ads

Trade In Harley-Davidson Trade Up

Advertising Agency: Big Communications, London, UK Executive Creative Director: Dylan Bogg / Art...see more →

TD Bank Ambient ads

TD Bank: A thank you can change someone's day

TD turns ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines to create some very special moments for customers...see more →

Wix Online ads

Wix: The Story Behind My Cupcake Website

Stalkers, ghosts and psychos are scary. Creating your website isn't! Client: see more →