Transport & Tourism Advertisements

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Lan Airlines ads
Lan Airlines Print ads

No one knows Peru better

"Get to know what lies inside us." No one knows Peru better. Advertising Agency: Y...see more →

Kuoni TV / Film ads

Kuoni: add joy to your holidays

Do Holidays bring happiness to your life? Do you start packing a week before? Don't you wish the...see more →

Samsonite TV / Film ads

Samsonite: the strongest and lightest

Travel is one of life's great adventures. And there is a moment on every trip when everything is...see more →

Norwegian Airlines ads
Norwegian Print ads

Norwegian Airlines - Oslo - Milan 68 euro

Advertising Agency: Kitchen Leo Burnett Oslo, Norway Art Director: Per Erik Jarl / Copywriter:...see more →

Ecovia ads
Ecovia Print ads

Don't drink/speed/text and drive

Stop the violenceDon't drink and drive/ Drive Safe/ Overtake with care/ Don't speed/ Don't text and...see more →

Dhl ads
DHL Direct Marketing ads

DHL Import Express is the safest choice

Why we ran an ad in a Chinese newspaper and sent it back to Australia. We were charged with proving...see more →

British Airways TV / Film ads

British Airways: an option for other destinations

Client: British Airways Advertising Agency: ageisobar, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Carlos...see more →

Expedia Print ads

Expedia: Find your ideal city break

"MUM DAD IOU / Plan your gap year with the world's largest online travel agency. / more →

Expedia TV / Film ads

Expedia Find Your Strength

Expedia believes that every trip is unique. On this trip, cancer survivor Maggie travels to Dallas...see more →

Expedia Print ads

Expedia: All you can London

"All you can Moscow. All you can Paris. All you can London." Advertising Agency: Ogilvy &...see more →

Metro Trains Online ads

Dumb Ways to promote rail safety

URL: Advertising Agency: McCann, Melbourne, Australia Executive Creative...see more →

Brampton Transit ads
Brampton Transit Outdoor ads

It's faster - Than the plane!

It's faster Advertising Agency: Groundzero Marketing, Toronto, Canada Creative Director: Bill...see more →

Norwegian Outdoor ads

Norwegian airline's cheap flight deal

Norwegian Air and Kitchen promoted the airline's cheap flight...see more →

Brussels Airlines ads
Brussels Airlines Outdoor ads

Colours of Africa

Feel the colours of Africa Advertising Agency: 6+1, Brussels, Belgium Creative...see more →

FedEx ads
FedEx Online ads

FedEx Jingle

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars / Executive...see more →

Alt Hotel ads
Alt Hotel Print ads

Alt Hotel have a hip lounge

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Canada Executive Creative Director: Dominique Trudeau / Creative...see more →

British Airways ads
British Airways Outdoor ads

British Airways: To Fly. To Serve.

Client: British Airways Advertising Agency: BBH, UK Creative Director: Peter Callaghan / Associate...see more →

The Capital Transit Network TV / Film ads

The Capital Transit Network - The Bus and Sad Movie

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec, Canada Creative Director: Luc Du Sault...see more →

Turkish Airlines ads
Turkish Airlines Outdoor ads

Scan now and win - Turkish Airlines

Advertising Agency: Mccann, Turkey Chief Creative Director: Folker Wrage /...see more →

B&B Hotels ads
B&B Hotels Print ads

B&B Hotels - Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast - Double room starting from 61,00 Advertising Agency: Publicis,...see more →

TAM Airlines ads
TAM Airlines Print ads

TAM Airlines have now seats that recline 180°

"Fly lying down. TAM Airlines. Now seat that recline 180°." Advertising Agency: Y...see more →

DHL print ads
DHL Print ads

DHL: express

Advertising Agency: Publicis/Burnett, Santiago, Chile Creative Director:Rodrigo...see more →

Shangri-La Hotel ads
Shangri-La Print ads

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore ads

  Advertising Agency: TBWA/Tequila, Singapore Executive Creative Director...see more →

DHL print ads
DHL Print ads

DHL: Africa & Italy

Client: DHL Advertising Agency: BBDO, Warsaw, Poland Creative Director:Przemek...see more →

Samsonite Print ads

Samsonite: The Tough Standard

The Tough Standard. Advertising Agency: JWT, Hong Kong Creative Directors: Sly Song, Hugo Yiu, Lai...see more →

DHL print ads
DHL Outdoor ads

DHL: Courier Services To Moscow

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia Creative Director:Mihai Coliban / ...see more →

DHL print ads
DHL Print ads

DHL: 08701 10 03 00

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia Creative Director:Luis Tauffer, Andres...see more →

DHL print ads
DHL Print ads

DHL: in just a few steps

From West to East Europe in just a few steps. From Europe to North America in just a few steps....see more →

DHL print ads
DHL Print ads

DHL: If there's an address. we'll find it.

If there's an address. we'll find it. Advertising Agency: AAA School of...see more →

DHL ads
DHL Outdoor ads

DHL: heavyweight shipments

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Makati City, Philippines Executive Creative Director:Gavin...see more →

TAAG print ads
TAAG Print ads

TAAG: E-ticket/check-in online

E-ticket/check-in online. Advertising Agency: Executive Center, Luanda, Angola...see more →

Expedia TV / Film ads

Expedia: Housekeeping

Advertising Agency: BMF, Australia Executive Creative Director: Warren Brown / Creative Directors:...see more →

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