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According to a study, over 40% of girls quit sports during their teenage years. Although this statistic is highly disturbing, it doesn’t come as a surprise. The prejudice against women in sports is such deep-rooted issue that even after years, the organizations which have aimed to address this, have only been able to generate a few ripples. Adidas wanted to create a tide.

While looking for reasons, we came across a startling fact. A study by UNESCO indicates, only 4% of sports news is dedicated to women. This heavy media bias which is often ignored, is a rather significant contributor to this scenario. We decided to change that narrative. 

Our Idea: 50/50

Instead of buying TV spots, outdoor spaces and newspaper columns, Adidas buys air time on TV and an extra page in newspapers to ensure equal distribution between men and women sports news. In turn, giving young girls what they need the most, idols, inspirations, and stars they can aspire to be.

Brand: Adidas
Campaign Name: Adidas 50/50

Published In: July 2019
Contributors: Apaar Singhal, Yashashree Samant - Copywriter, Siddhant Karale - Art Director, Mehak Marwah - Creative Strategist
School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai

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