Adidas "#TheRealKashmir" by Cheil India

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You think you've heard a lot about Kashmir. It is time you see #TheRealKashmir.

The 2-minute spot is based on the true story of an 80 year-old, blind man who has seen it all for the last 7 decades in the strife-torn region of Kashmir. In his rich sonorous voice he talks about the importance of football in Kashmir and regardless of the forces that have sought to tear apart the region with conflict and terror, he states that the love for the team unites them.

He doesn’t see Kashmir negatively like the world does. He feels the positive change in Kashmir with the rise of football. Like he says in the end, "Football Isn’t Just a Game – It’s Our Very Hope’. Through him the world gets a new positive lens to see Kashmir. The lens of football.

The narrative is combined with a Kashmiri folk song that has inspired generations of Kashmiris over 200 years to make maximum impact.

Advertising Agency: Cheil India, Gurgaon, India

Chief Creative Officer: Emmanuel Upputuru
Executive Creative Director: Aneesh Jaisinghani
Creative Director: Kumar Saurabh, Ashish Kumar