Air Wick "Brains in Bloom" a mesmerizing experience

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In the midst of quarantine, it has been difficult for some companies to find the best way to advertise their brands. Some have decided to use techniques such as declining old spots and recordings, while some are recording their campaign with what they have on hand. Of course, not all companies are doing something truly innovative with these challenges. But there are those who have been up to the challenge.

One of the companies that have proven to be up to this challenge is Air Wick. The brand has just launched a new animation campaign made entirely with digital tools. The company's goal was to promote its Essential Mist product line, which aims to be easy to install and experiment with aromatherapy. But instead of creating a simple advertising spot, they decided to artistically reflect the emotions and benefits of the product.

So they hired a neuroscientist to identify exactly how the effect of his aromatherapy can be visually expressed in the human brain. This guide was used to design a campaign where flowers, leaves, and plants simulate brain stimulation. Paired with one of the most iconic classical music tracks in history, the result is a mesmerizing visual experience.

Advertising Agency: Havas, London, UK

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