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Don't let domestic violence increase during social distancing.

Through social distance, the spread of COVID-19 virus is significantly reduced and the curve of serious cases flattens out below the limit of the health system's supportability. Spacing, however, means even more time when the violent ones are at home with their victims. It is within our power to flatten the curve of domestic violence cases by informing us and reporting physical abuse to 112.

In order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and not overwhelm the medical system, social spacing is vital. But in some families, this brings together the aggressor and their direct and indirect victims. And minors exposed to violence can repeat their behaviour when they start their own family. Domestic violence is a virus that has spread over generations and must be stopped. It is within our power to stop him by informing us and reporting physical abuse to 112.

Without social distance, the COVID-19 virus can spread very easily from one person to another, through saliva particles or a simple touch. But at the same time, the isolation brings the violent ones in uninterrupted contact with their victims, be it spouses, mothers, grandparents or children. It is within our power to reduce the number of domestic violence cases by informing us and reporting physical abuse to 112.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Romania

Executive Creative Director: Mihai Gongu
Group Creative Director: Roxana Nita
Art Director: Victor Trifan
3D Artist: Marijus Pudar
Copywriter: Robert Ghita, Alexandru Iliescu
Head of Production: Monica Garbur
Client Service Director: Carmen Miruta
Sr. Account Manager: Ana Radulescu
Head of Development: Andrei Popescu
Digital Project Manager: Cosmin Slabescu
Production Agency: Chainsaw Europe

The new #IsolateViolence initiative has a dedicated website and is communicated via an integrated campaign including visuals and films that add a dramatic twist to the COVID-19 imagery we have all been exposed to over the past weeks. Social distancing-related graphics and charts are creatively repurposed to explain the new spike in domestic violence and invite witnesses and victims to report any abuse to the Police.

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